My 'Why' to Birth Photography

Photo by Me (Taken by a nurse - Before I started photography)

Photo by Me (Taken by a nurse - Before I started photography)

My daughter is my why when people ask me why I started doing birth photography

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I did a lot of research. I made sure I hired a doula AND a photographer because I knew this would be a day that defined my life.

I was absolutely correct. 

My daughter was born at 35 weeks via c-section due to preeclampsia after a very long 2 day induction as well as 5 hours of pushing. By the time I went back to surgery, I was so tired and out of it that I don't remember much. I also had complications so I blacked out during surgery. My photographer managed to get photos of my daughter in the nursery and everything before hand (She wasn't allowed back in the OR, however, that policy has since changed).  I wouldn't trade those photos for anything in the world. 

I didn't wake up until a couple hours after my daughter was born and she had to be transferred to another hospital. I saw her for about a minute before she was transferred and then I didn't see until 2 days after. 

That means that I missed how she looked freshly born. Babies change so much over just a few hours and two days is a huge deal! The photo my photographer got for me is so priceless. I'd pay her 100x what I paid her just for that photo. 

Now over a year later, I still love looking at my photos. It helped me process and cope with all that happened. It helped and continues to help my PTSD. 

Its exactly why I started doing birth photography.

My prayer is that your birth goes over amazing and well and you get exactly what you want! However, even in the most textbook births I've heard moms say "You know, Its all just a blur to me now.". This is why birth photography is just as important as something like wedding photography.

It happens so fast.  

And memories fade.

But photography is almost immortal. 

I tell you all this so that you can trust in me to make sure you get everything you want and need.

This is my passion.

This is something I've put hours and hours of research and studying into so that every birth, whether it be according to plan or not, is documented so that you can look at your photos and say, " takes me right back to that day."

I will be whatever you need me to be for you as well as your photographer. I will laugh with you. I will cry with you. (I typically tear up at births so this is your warning). I will be as involved or not involved as you want me to be!